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Project "Intelligent bus fleet performance optimization system"

The aim of the project is to create an intelligent transport management and optimization system (hereinafter - ITVOS) capable of forecasting passenger flows and selecting vehicle size, counting passengers, and planning the most optimal routes, recommending driving style and reducing fuel consumption, intelligently managing advertising by displaying only in certain sections of the vehicle route, to provide recommendations for the replacement of the most uneconomical vehicles, etc. We will strive to manage and optimize the public transport sector in Lithuania. Every year, all municipalities in Lithuania face the problem that public transport is operating at a loss. In cooperation with the bus fleets of large and small cities, within the framework of this project, we will develop a system that will fundamentally change the operation of the public, as well as private, bus fleet.

The research area of the project will be several integrated areas: telemetry hardware and IoT, accelerometers, cameras, fuel consumption sensors, OBD II, CANBUS, data aggregation methods for information collection and artificial intelligence methods for information processing and forecasting, and supply chain methods. The project will combine several complex and different areas of management, which have not yet been developed globally in the technologically and programmatically analyzed market sample (there are only separate modules covering partial functionality), so finding complex solutions is very difficult and requires a lot of resources for scientific research. In order to properly develop ITVOS, it is necessary to study not only the individual areas but also their interactions.

Project costs:

1,480,708.81 Eur

Financing amount:

1,116,054.83 Eur

The project is financed by the European Regional Development Fund how the EU is responding to the COVID-19 pandemic means (REACT EU).

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