We are NORMALiS TECH team.

You may ask – why NORMALiS? The answer is simple: it’s because we believe that a lot of things that others consider impossible are normal for us:

Innovative technology based on R&D and AI is normal

A professional team with a good atmosphere and a high level of leadership is normal

Asking questions and getting answers, helping each other, feeling safe and being yourself is normal

Taking our customers to the next level of satisfaction is normal

What do we do?

Product Design and Engineering

Need help with bringing Your idea to life? We can assist raising and defining an idea, as well as developing a working prototype and finding the best ways to deploy a completed solution.

Data-Science and Artificial Intelligence

It’s the XXI century, so it's all about data. Our company is ready to set-up data-driven business processes for You and develop AI solutions for better workflow optimization and automation, paving a one way road to success.

Dedicated Teams & Resources on Demand

We have a team of professionals ready to assist and consult, providing You with experts in IT, databases, and design, prepared to work with any on site resources and individuals.

Digital Transformation and Consultation

We can set you up with proper digital solutions for Your business for any type of issue or subject. Better efficiency, ease of use, and a great client experience, all within Your reach!

Systems and Applications Integration

Our team can help You to find the best IT solution for your business needs and seamlessly integrate it with your current processes.

Project Management

Our professionals will guide You through the entire project process - starting with defining the idea up to the execution. We will also help You manage time and other resources to achieve absolutely optimal results.

Tell us what normal is for you!

Where can you find us?



Konstitucijos pr. 15-24, Vilnius

Tell us what normal is for you!

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